How We Met:

Good 'ol, of course!

April 20, 2006: Ryan sent a "smiley face" to Molly's profile. Molly immediately fell for the adorable baby photo Ryan had as his profile image. Tricky way of getting a girl's attention, but it worked!

After talking on the phone for a week, Molly surprisingly felt ready to meet this stranger. She wanted to see if those baby blue eyes were for real. After Molly beat Ryan at a round of miniature golf (or in Ryan's words, after he let her win), they were amazed how easily they got along and how it seemed they had known each other forever.

From the first date, they each knew they had found someone extra special. Their similar interests, morals and family values led them down the natural path of companionship. Ryan's sense of humor was "one of a kind" and he kept Molly laughing over and over! Two years later, they were ready to start their lives together!

How We Got Engaged:

At 4am on a Saturday morning, they headed to Temecula, California for a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Ryan arranged for them to have their own private balloon. 1,000 feet in the air, he got down on one knee and popped the question! Molly giggled with excitement and said "YES!"

They enjoyed a congratulatory champagne toast upon landing, then had breakfast at the South Coast winery, followed by massages at the winery's spa. Not only had they sailed to the heavens earlier in the balloon, but they felt like they were there all day long!